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Modlitba k satanovi na MTV v přímém přenosu



Prayer to Satan during MTV telecast – sign of the times?

During last month’s MTV music video awards ceremony, actor Jack Black urged the audience join hands and pray to „dear dark lord Satan.“ In his prayer, the actor prayed that the musicians and nominees would have „continued success in the music industry.“ The awards program was broadcasted on the MTV network (a subsidiary of the Viacom Corporation) throughout the country through cable and satellite television.

The Radio City Hall audience readily acquiesced to Black’s invitation to pray to the devil. In a video posted on YouTube, Black encouraged the large audience to join in by saying, „let me see those horns.“ Black, dressed in a „muscle suit“ continued by asking the awards ceremony audience to join hands during „the prayer.“ He then held hands with actress Leighton Meester while he prayed aloud.
Black’s prayer went basically unnoticed among most conservative and Christian media circles — perhaps because they feel the comedian was simply joking as he displayed his contempt for Christianity with the prayer invocation. In fact, this would be in keeping with Black’s previous behavior.
In 2008 he participated in a video that mocked supporters of California’s marriage initiative, Proposition 8. In commenting on that video, the Culture and Media Institute (CMI) said Black „appears as Jesus rebuking the Proposition 8 supporters while munching on a shrimp cocktail and saying that the Bible condemns eating shellfish too. Then he [Black] reels off some scripture references without context to suggest that the Bible is self-contradictory and unreliable.“ In their press release (December 4, 2008), CMI described Black as „an anti-Christian bigot.“
Others claim last month’s public „prayer“ to Satan was just a publicity stunt to promote the new heavy metal video game, „Brutal Legend.“
But regardless how one looks at Black’s actions, it sets a dangerous precedent. Author and King’s College professor Paul McGuire labels Black’s prayer to Satan as „just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening in our nation and in the entertainment industry.“ The conservative commentator contends that „although it is hidden, Satanism is one of the fastest growing religions in America.“ He adds: „We can expect to see Satanists demanding and getting the same rights as any other religion.

– pokračování – MTV Ceremony Prayer to Satan


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