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Pilger: Vzpomínka na holokaust v Kambodži


John Pilger vzpomíná na zdevastovanou společnost, kterou v roce 1979 viděl v Kambodži, což popsal v epické zprávě světu a dokumentu Year Zero: the Silent Death in Cambodia. Připomíná nám, že Pol Potův teror vznikl v důsledku bombardování, jež přikázal Richard Nixon a Henry Kissinger a že Kambodžané byly znova „potrestáni“, když je osvobodila špatná strana studené války (tj. Vietnam), pročež vláda M. Thatcher vyslala speciální jednotky (SAS), aby trénovala Rudé Khmery v exilu. 

The Holocaust In Cambodia And Its Aftermath Is Remembered

John Pilger

Information Clearing House, 29. říjen 2009

 — The aircraft flew low, following the Mekong River west from Vietnam. Once over Cambodia, what we saw silenced all of us on board. There appeared to be nobody, no movement, not even an animal, as if the great population of Asia had stopped at the border. Whole villages were empty. Chairs and beds, pots and mats lay in the street, a car on its side, a bent bicycle. Behind fallen power lines lay or sat a single human shadow; it did not move. From the paddies, lines of tall wild grass followed straight lines. Fertilised by the remains of thousands upon thousands of men, women and children, these marked common graves in a nation where as many as two million people, or more than a quarter of the population, were “missing”. At the liberation of the Nazi death camp in Belsen in 1945, The Times correspondent wrote: “It is my duty to describe something beyond the imagination of mankind.” That was how I felt in 1979 when I entered Cambodia, a country sealed from the outside world for almost four years since “Year Zero”. Year Zero had begun shortly after sunrise on April 17, 1975 when Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge guerrillas entered the capital, Phnom Penh. They wore black and marched in single file along the wide boulevards. At one o’clock, they ordered the city abandoned. The sick and wounded were forced at gunpoint from their hospital beds; families were separated; the old and disabled fell beside the road. “Don’t take anything with you,” the men in black ordered. “You will be coming back tomorrow.” Tomorrow never came. An age of slavery began. Anybody who owned cars and such “luxuries”, anybody who lived in a city or town or had a modern skill, anybody who knew or worked with foreigners, was in grave danger; some were already under sentence of death. Out of the Royal Cambodian Ballet company of 500 dancers, perhaps 30 survived. Doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers were starved, or worked to death, or murdered.

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