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LOL – zpráva CNN: Židi jsou prostě cool (já myslel, že reklamu na rasu dělají jenom fašisté)


‚New Jews‘ stake claim to faith, culture

    Jessica Ravitz, CNN
  • Some Gen X and Y Jews are staking creative claims to identity, religion and culture
  • They don tattoos, blend Jewish sounds with hip-hop, write edgy blogs and own their spirituality
  • „They want to re-engage in the world as Jews, but not solely for Jewish causes,“ one says
  • Where traditional synagogues fail to touch them, independent groups and alternatives step up
  • 4725(CNN) — When Moses came down from Mount Sinai about 3,300 years ago, he couldn’t have seen these Jews coming.

    A blogger writes about how one of Judaism’s holiest days ended, for her, in a strip club, while elsewhere a guy strolls into a tattoo parlor requesting a Star of David. Two women exchange wedding vows in a Jewish ceremony, and hipsters toss back bottles of HE’BREW, The Chosen Beer. A full-time software developer prepares to lead a group in Jewish prayer, as a PhD candidate in Jewish thought pens a letter criticizing Israel’s policies.

    Meet the „New Jews,“ as some call them: pockets of post-baby boomers — or more accurately Generation X and Millennial (Gen Y) Jews — who are making one of the world’s oldest known monotheistic faiths and its culture work for them and others in a time when, more than ever, affiliation is a choice.

    „I could wake up tomorrow and say, ‚I don’t want to be Jewish.‘ There would be no social, political or economic consequences,“ said Shawn Landres, the 37-year-old co-founder of Jumpstart, a Los Angeles-area organization that pushes forward out-of-the-box ideas in the Jewish world. „It’s true for the first time in thousands of years that we can build the identities we want.“

    Many of those at the forefront of innovative Jewish construction are rabbis, religious educators, people who know their stuff. But they’re not interested in foisting labels on people — like the denominational terms Reform, Conservative or Orthodox — nor do they want to perpetuate the pressures that come with fitting into religious, political and social molds.

    For Atlanta, Georgia, punk-rock musician Patrick A, or Aleph (the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet), this means he can seamlessly blend who he’s been with his newly embraced religious observance.

    When I’m on stage screaming, hitting my face with a microphone and pouring beer on my head, at least I’m singing about the Torah,“ said the 26-year-old founder of PunkTorah, an outreach effort to inspire Jewish spirituality.

    – pokračování:


    VIDEO: Sex, drogy a ryba po židovsku – aneb – jak se baví komunita Judova kmene

    “Pamětník holokaustu” Herman Rosenblat: “Nebyla to lež, byly to moje představy”

    “Některé příběhy jsou pravdivé, i když se nikdy nestaly” aneb proč si někdo vymýšlí příběhy o holokaustu.

    trest pro italského profesora filosofie za “popírání holokaustu”



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