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Konspirační pecka od El-P (Company Flow)


Vcelku kakofonické, ale zajímavý text – tedy, jak se to vezme…:

It’s like the Bilderburgs came to dinner with filthy birds
they pussy all infected I’m lookin for milky words
they pulled my third eye out then they let it dry out
had to pour my belief in Chrst to find out
what I look like with no skin
who mandated while the back of my paper is still luminated
even your no flipped egyptian Euro
got my website shut down by the Bureau
Can’t kick it with the dead until my life stop
but Bush got a ouija to talk to Adam Weishaupt
I breath artist time fans the artist
put a couple G’s together before harvest light
I’ll take all this
the hell I’m doin?
Dippin this whole fuckin‘ pound in enbalmin fluids
you think I rhyme to do it? if it’s (?on point?)) shot is
If you can’t help but sleep peel off your eyelids.

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