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Ron Paul: Konec dolarového standartu – svět čelí problému, který v historii nemá obdoby



V sekci pro komentáře pod článkem naleznete zběžný monitoring zpráv a názorů týkajících se probíhajícím problémům ve finančním a ekonomickém systému.

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  1. SocTraf permalink*
    11/08/2011 17:55

    Bank of Korea buys gold, first time since ’97-’98 crisis: South Korea’s central bank bought 25 tonnes of gold over the past two months in its first purchase in more than a decade, saying the time was ripe to boost its gold holding, but markets barely moved on the news.

    Weil: Is There Enough Money to Save the Banks?

    European Central Bank and the „Sovereign Raiders“
    Bill Black: ECB facilitates speculators taking a run at one European country after another

    Was S&P Downgrade a Preemptive Strike Against Prosecution?
    Gerry Epstein: S&P face possible prosecution for role in sub-prime debacle

    Hrozí opakování krize z roku 2008? Recese může být i vážnější, tvrdí ekonomové
    Obavy ze státních dluhů mají mnohem globálnější dosah než rizika spojená s nekvalitními hypotékami…

    Bob Chapman: The Dollar Will Lose Its World Reserve Currency Status To Gold. Central Banks Accumulating Gold:

    Marc Faber: The Best Thing The FedRes Could Do Is Collectively Resign

  2. SocTraf permalink*
    11/08/2011 18:37

    Two years ago the central planners convinced investors that the biggest surviving financial institutions would be able to earn their way back to health, in part through low interest rates and taxpayer support. The pressing question soon may be whether there is enough money on the planet to save the system as we know it, and if so, how much longer it will be before a crisis comes along that finally swamps the ability of governments to contain it. One-hit wonders such as Fed-induced stock-market rallies can induce euphoria momentarily. They don’t fix the big problem.

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